About Us

Dogs in the yard

Peace Love Jerky Treats began out of pure love for dogs.  

Wanting to only give the best to our 6 dogs, we always 

fed them an all natural diet. However, when it came to 

treats we struggled to find something healthy and 

that WOWED their spoiled palates.  So we started making 

our own treats!  It took awhile to get them just right but

when we did, they were an instant hit!  We started sharing our jerky  

treats with our friends dogs, their friends dogs and then through 

word of mouth and demand for a healthy, all natural and safe dog treat - Peace Love Jerky Treats was born!

The beginning of this beautiful legacy began with one dog, Peekalo (pictured below)

Shih tzu

Our beloved Lola

Shih tzu face, love your dog, jerky treats for dogs, true love

Once in a lifetime pup Peekalo